CTS is proud of the train system improvements it's made especially in LA: 

Santa Monica - Amazing CTS Station with Many Steps to Ascend.

This is the most famous CTS step-platform Train Station on the Coastal Express Line to Santa Monica, paving the way for a beautiful, spiritual center for the new Renaissance.

Many enjoy the Santa Monica beaches and pier due to the CTS's affordable transportation system.

Built in 2019, the Coastal Express Line to Santa Monica has numerous CTS step-platform train stations, and some include a special overhead Wave design (as in the above photo) and steps lead to the train's platform.

A step-platform station is not as high as a viaduct train station which can be about 20-50 feet high and usually has elevator access to the boarding platform.


Make What You Stand On a CTS step-platform or viaduct-platform, something worthy of you Standing Up For because it's made travel easier & better.

CTS Viaduct Station - Grantville, San Diego County

This is a viaduct-platform type station which range from about 20-80 feet above ground and usually with elevator access. The step-platform type is usually several feet above the ground with steps for access.

However, Santa Monica's  step-platform type station is higher than most step-platform stations - as the photo at the top of the page displays.

CTS Viaduct Stations – San Diego, near I-8

CTS Central Transportation System

CTS is the first high speed railroad system in California