Amazing Tours and Travelogues

CTS Tours Operates throughout Southern California,

including San Diego and LA counties and is expanding, safely and effectively.

The CTS Tour participant is provided with information, called "travelogues", that show the way out of the negative world and provide Divine wisdom and psychological upliftment.

And people can expect safe, enlightening, positive travel & site seeing experiences, effectively.

The following are some examples of the CTS Tour venues:

The Santa Monica Lunch & Spa Tour is 3-4 hours and tour passengers will be given an opportunity to observe the special train stations along it's route. These train stations are uniquely designed with amazing wave type roof covers and train platforms. Some are called step (or ramp) platforms and some are called viaduct platforms for trains (refer to some examples). The Santa Monica train station has an impressive multi-stepped-entry portal of the step-platform variety.

The destination of this tour is a Santa Monica beach location where lunch is either served in the trains' gourmet dining hall or at picnic tables on the beach depending on the tour guide's discretion.

During the tour there will be free time on your own and relaxation options and/or choice of participation in the tour group's planned activities.  Possible rejuvenation is provided through foot-massage-baths that are booked on a first come, first served basis.

Other Luncheon & Renewal Tours include the following:

Oceanside to Seaport Village San Diego and

Oceanside to Capistrano

These tours luncheons will be served in the train's gourmet dining hall.

You can enjoy tour train festivities and the possibility of rejuvenation provided through foot-massages-baths and
moments of relaxation and travelogues.

On the CTS Viaduct Lunch & Shop Tour in San Diego that begins in New "Old Town" and the tour passengers will be given opportunity to observe the amazing "viaduct" structures and train stations along it's route.

The highlight of the tour is at Fashion Valley Shopping Mall where there's a "viaduct train station" and free time given for an hours shopping with the option to stay on the train for fun and festivities.

The possibility of rejuvenation is provided through foot-massages-baths and moments of relaxation and travelogues.

The Grantville Train Station, photo above, is an amazing example of a "viaduct train station".

The CTS Overnight Premuim Tour with the "Jerry Seifeld" Show -  A 3 Day/2 Night Tour  from Fullerton to Santa Monica, Ventura & Santa Barbara on a 12 Car Train with Passenger Sitting Car, Sleeper Car, Observation & Snack Car, Gourmet Dining Room & more.

Due to it's uplifting travelogues, affordability and unique approach and services, the CTS Tours will most likely become a popular attraction providing a burgeoning economy expanding throughout the planet.  This is why beautiful communities have been built up near these stations.