CTS's Manufacturing of High Speed Trains

Some of the following high speed trains are already operating in the current CTS railroad system in southern California spanning 10 counties. More CTS high speed trains will be manufactured and implemented ASAP because the demand is growing.  These are electric battery operated, reducing emissions to 0.



Here are some important attributes the CTS High Speed Trains will have:

  • The train is battery operated and generates no exhaust and is approximately 50% less noise of the equivalent diesel powered train.
  • The train's construction and design is beautiful and provides strength and safety while a safety monitoring system provides correct and safe passage.   
  • The train's state of the art battery operated electrical technology provide reliability, speed, safety and less noise.
  • While some train cars have few or no seats for those who think it's for short travel, other train cars have comfortable seating for resting for longer travel, and some train cars have private seating for those who might want to sleep, and in certain train cars there will be tables for  those who want to do computer work and/or other (legal & harmless) activities, i.e. playing certain card games and there will be a train car for a cafe-bar counter - serving coffee, tea, sodas, sandwiches & hot dishes and certain CTS trains will have a train car for gourmet dinning.
  • Sleeping compartments are available for CTS passengers on the long distance train schedules.

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