Electric trains are becoming more important to the smooth running of the CTS Tours railroad operating system and the functioning of the CTS Tour Hubs (especially Oceanside, Fullerton & Santa Monica). The train’s construction and beautiful design provides strength and safety including monitoring the train’s safe passage and making adjustments when necessary during the train’s route.   

CTS electric trains generate approximately 90% less exhaust and 50% less noise than the equivalent diesel powered train.  The train’s state of the art battery operated electrical technology & diesel backup provide reliability, speed, and safety.

The day and overnight tour train’s facilities have similarities, however, the overnight tour train has more extensive services and train cars including private sleeping accommodations and spa and salon services.

CTS Festival Tour Train with Karaoke on the CTS Day Tour Train







The diagrams above displays the floor plans for both the short and long tours showing the differences of the trains. 

On the shorter day time tours the train facilities provide the following: the formal dining hall where the Luncheon Tours have their lunch served, the observational section and/or passenger seating for the tour guides Travelogues, & the self-service spa section for footbaths.

On the longer overnight tours the following amenities can be enjoyed by tour members:

private sleeping accommodations are in the Sleeper Sections A, B, or C, the spa is open for relaxing and socializing, 6 am – 7pm for self-service foot baths and on the overnight train appointments can be made from 1 to 7 pm for spa services & packages including massages & the hair salon, the cafeteria serves the tour breakfast in the morning and sells sandwiches, beverages and some hot dishes throughout the day from 6 am to 10 pm as does the snack bar from 11 am to 7pm. while the formal dining room serves the tour dinner at 7pm and is open during the rest of the day for socializing as is the the observational section until 10pm when all facilities close until 6am in the morning when they open again.


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