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The map above displays the current CTS Railroad System which transports millions of people traveling in Southern California each year. In the future, there will be CTS railroad safe travel added from Temecula to San Diego as well as from Corona to Murrieta, CA. On the I-15 railroad tracks will built on viaducts that will be located mostly along the medium strip of the I-15 much like the current CTS railroad viaduct system on LA's I-105.

According to the Commissioner of Transportation:

"The CTS High Speed Railroad System in southern California will span 10 counties and over 2000 miles of railroad and CTS high speed trains have a speed capability of 160-180 miles per hour between cities. In the cities the trains will run at regular speed but will be faster in certain areas."

Au CTS RR in 10 So.CA Counties

CTS Transportion System

CTS will be known for it's high speed rail transportation and it's affordability, clear view, low noise, high comfort, and wonderful convenience.