Special Map of CTS Prime Day Tours - Round Trip

CTS Prime Day Tours use either the single or bi-level trains as pictured above.


CTS Prime Day Tours are approximately 3-4 hours long

Here's the Tour's Schedule


CTS Prime Day Tour starts in Oceanside and goes to Capistrano and Luncheon is in San Clemente

Tuesday - The train route from Oceanside starts at 11:00 am and goes to San Clemente and on to Capistrano and returns to San Clemente for Lunch to be served at approximately - 12:30 pm. The train returns to Capistrano and and Oceanside at approximately 3:30pm.

CTS Prime Day Tour - Perris/Fullerton to Luncheon in Santa Monica 

 Tuesdays, - the train route starts in Perris at 10:30 and arrives in Fullerton at approximately 11:30 am and the Luncheon is served at approximately 12:30 in Santa Monica and the train returns to Fullerton and Perris by 3:30 pm.

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CTS Prime Day Tour with Karaoke from Santee to San Ysidro, the Mexican Border with stops at Commercial St, Imperial & 12th St. and Bario Logan (and return to Santee).

Wednesday - The train route from Santee starts at 11:00 and stops at Commercial St, Imperial & 12th St and Bario Logan and reaches San Ysidro at approximately 1:00 pm and returns with stops at Bario Logan, Imperial & 12th St. & Commercial St and reaches Santee at approximately 3:00 pm.

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CTS Prime Day Tour from Escondido & Oceanside with  Luncheon in San Marcos, Cal State Station

Wednesdays - The train route starts in Escondido at 11:00 am and goes to Oceanside by noon - and goes to San Marcos for Lunch at approximately 12:30 pm and returns to Escondido first and then returns to Oceanside by 3:30 pm.

Luncheon is served at approximately, 12:30 pm


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CTS Prime Day Tour to Luncheon at the Embarcadero with a Stop at Seaport Village, San Diego

Wednesdays - The train route from Oceanside starts at 11:00 am and goes to San Diego's Embarcadero and returns to Oceanside by 3:30 pm. 

Luncheon is served at approximately - 12:30 pm

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CTS Prime Day Tour from Old Town to Shop at Fashion Valley with a stop at Grantville Viaduct Train Station (and return)

Thursday - The train route starts at Old Town at 11:30 - 3:30 pm

To Shop at Fashion Valley & given a box lunch, at approximately, Noon

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CTS Luncheon Express Tour to the LAX Airport

Thursdays - The train route from Norwalk Station on the I-105, starts at 11:30 - 3:30 pm

Luncheon will be served once the train is on route to LAX Airport

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Next Steps...

Millions of people traveling in Southern California each year.  There will be CTS Tour Services in the region using both soft and high speed trains.

According to the Commissioner of Transportation:

"The CTS Transportation System will be in southern California and span the distance of approximately 1000 miles of railroad to San Francisco, CA of high and soft speed trains with the speed capability of 120-180 miles per hour between cities. In the cities the trains will run at soft speed but have the capacity to be high speed when desired."

Au CTS RR in 10 So.CA Counties