CTS Transportaion Center

As President and owner of CU and CTS, LLC, I, Cariel Quinly, will create enough jobs to increase the economic stability and sustainability quickly and effectively and CU and CTS will receive all that they need to operate beautifully, smoothly and effectively, ASAP.

And, I’ll continue doing what I know is best as the President. 

Thank for your support which will be rewarded with a great life ahead and the Carieliin University & CTS systems will be amazing, beginning with wonderful jobs & housing, ASAP.

Apply by completing and submitting the following application, ASAP. 


Housing is the payment.

Here is a list of some of the jobs available: 

  1. jobs requiring mental aptitude:

Computer Technician, Secretary, clerk, architecture, planning & development, engineers, finances, mail technician, professor-educator in career education from industrial to financial institutions, science technician, research technician, 

2. jobs requiring social skills: 

sales clerk, customer service, manager, human services

3. jobs requiring food preparation & management for eating facilities:

Chef, cooking-assistants, clean-up crew

4. jobs requiring physical exertion:

building construction, landscaping, railroad technician, train manufacturing, ticket vending machines  

5. CTS RR Jobs

Thank you for your support of President Quinly and Carieliin University and CTS Railroad, LLC.

We will contact you to give you your new job assignment, ASAP.